" To build a skateboard deck out of an old or broken snowboard is nothing new, snowboarders did it probably since the origin of this sport. This is what we did with some prototypes when we were employed as product engineers for Rossignol snowboards.

But the Backstage of this industry is not just a couple of useless boards. We realized that tones of unused and virtually unrecyclable snowboards end up being trashed or incinerated. Managing the end of life of sport's gear is a huge challenge for both consumers and the industry.

As snowboarders, skaters and nature-lovers, it was natural for us to try to push our passions toward a more circular and responsible economy. After 10 years in the snowboard industry we decided to combine our expertise, our savoir-faire, and our savoir-vivre, to find that little je ne sais quoi that pushes us out of bed in the morning."


ADRIEN REGUIS - Mature but still young

With an academic background in material sciences and 10 years as head of R&D for snowboards in the Rossignol group, Adrien source ideas and inspiration thourgh travels and exploration of open nature.

VINCENT GELIN - Young but already  mature

Vincent is a mechanical engineer and has spent 6 years developing snowboard bindings in the Rossignol group. He is a man with a strong "board culture", he likes street art as much as unspoiled nature.

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