We believe that non profit organizations are a key to find sustainable solutions.

This is why we commit to donate 10 % of our online sales to our partners Mountains Riders and Protect Our Winters (POW), two charities dedicated to protect the mountains.

Thus buying a board online will help them to fight for environnemental protection.

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Overlooking the Alps, a pencil in hand, and a board under our feet, we shape new life out of snowboards from our workshop in Grenoble, France.

We work with local companies that support people with disabilities to assemble and package the boards.

All the cardboard and paper we use are 100% recycled. We only use "ecolabel" marine varnish to protect the boards' edges against physical damages and humidity.

We source our wheels and trucks in Asia and will continue to do so until we find local providers that meet our requirements.


The central part of the snowboards is used to create skateboards.

The remaining parts are used to create accessories like mobile phone stands, beermats, mirror frames and many more.

We use style and creativity to upcycled 100% of the material out of the original snowboard


Our guideline is to reduce the ecological footprint of the board sport industry.

We are actively looking to extend our approach to the whole industry to find solutions and never see again product ending their life in the bin.

Watch out for other products coming on the market very soon with the NoK stamp.

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