Longboard n°116

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Made from upcycled snowboard

One-of-a-kind skateboard / only one available !

Made in the Alpes


Why not take a stroll on the boulevard and swallow up some miles?

The longboard 86 is our daddy board: easily manageable and comfy at the same time. It exudes the snowboard spirit at every turn even at high speeds.


Your skateboard will contribute to preserving our mountains by financing awareness projects.

10% of our sales will be donated to Mountain Riders and Protect Our Winters (POW) to help them working on preserving and restoring our natural environment.


1 NOK board = 30 kg of CO2 saved.

With the snowboard composition of these boards, skateboarding has never been so easy!

The wood/fibre composite gives the board its extraordinary lightness and riding comfort while its board flex will make you feel like in a powder snow field: let’s pop at every turn!


Made in the heart of the French Alps, in Grenoble, the NOK boards are being produced thanks to great partnerships with local companies in order to reduce as much as we can our carbon footprint.

We use 100% of recycled paper and cardboard. The varnish we use is also eco-labelled and solvent free.

The only parts sourced from Asia are the trucks, wheels, bearings and grip.


Each of ours boards is uniquely numbered by hand; you will no longer ride the same board as your mates.

Find your own style, with your own board!


Rest assured! The fact that we are reusing snowboards does not compromise the quality of our final product. We guarantee you a rigorous process from start to finish, and take care of every production stage during the whole process.

Using high-pressure water cutting, allows micro-metric precision and quality in our products, whilst also laser cutting grip tape to enable the perfect fit for each of our boards. . Fine sanding as well as three layers of varnish to protect your board from impacts and humidity.

The trucks and wheels are carefully selected to guarantee you the best comfort while riding.


All of ours boards are homemade, created and processed in our workshop.

The crucial stage of putting the grip in place is done by hand to honour the board decoration.

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